March 13, 2011

What Keeps Me Cooking

Berkshire Vegan's service starts with menu planning. Since the menus change daily and I always make sure a variety of ingredients are used and the dishes are balanced in terms of cooking methods, seasonings, color, etc., there's actually a whole lot of thinking involved. I must admit this is not the easiest nor my most favorite process...

My most favorite process is, of course, the cooking part. It starts in the morning to ensure freshness. Everything is made from scratch and prepared by hand with a lot of care and attention. Food is packed in containers and then delivered to people's homes or offices.

Some have suggested I advertise more or start delivering to places where people are more affluent and health-conscious. I must admit that I am not doing this for charity, but it's not for the money either. All I hope for is to keep cooking for people that appreciate my food. My customers, though they are paying for my service, never fail to thank me. They appreciate all the energy I put into preparing the food. I am very grateful for that. It makes my heart warm, reminding me of the time when I cooked for my family as a kid. That's what keeps me cooking.


  1. We are so fortunate to have such a wonderful 'cook' in our area. All of your dishes exude love and compassion, taste great, and are healthy for both the person eating them and the planet. Thank you for all of the planning and preparation that goes into every one of your meals.

  2. Thank you so much for your kind words and for your support!

  3. Wow! I am really impress with what you have written. I've learnt a lot of your story and I am looking forward to knowing more. As I am studying at the Kushi Institute I think I'll see you soon. Good luck in this adventure!!